What my Education class taught me…

My education class taught me that our education system is frustrating beyond belief. On St. Patricks Day, I left class needing to relax because we discussed No CHild Left Behind. I was so stressed from something I can never fix. My classmates and I were sitting there complaining about our education and how No Child Left Behind affected us and we all got frustrated. It shows how flawed our system is. I mean no one ever told me that the EOG’s were optional. There is such an option that is not presented to the public that is just now The people who are most excited to be part of it are the ones who can’t stand.


I have predetermined opinions and dont give things a fair shot. Last week in class we were learning about Scripted Curriculum and I realized how I never really gave it a shot. We were talking about it and I was so so negative. While I remain negative towards scripted curriculum, my classmates reminded me of the positive outlooks of the vision of it. It was made to create equality between all classes but in my mind I immediately thought of how restricting the program is for students and teachers. It was one particular classmates who challenged me to think about why I was so negative and what good could my negativity to for my and my students future.


However I have learned that my classmates amaze me. I am honored to be considered their peer. They are the smart and brilliant future of education in the classroom and behind the policies. They make me see the hope of our system. Sometimes it pointing out some positives in policies I see as primarily negative. For example, when we were learning about Scripted Curriculum, I was so so against it. They were the ones saying, it could be good for like helping beginning teachers. Watching a video in class, I understood the meaning behind the policy and it took me a minute to grasp the positive outlook of the policy. Together we were able to discuss our thoughts (good and bad) on what we had learned. We have such an amazing respected for one another and our own opinions. I could probably tell you more about their educational history than the extra curricular activities they are involved.

My education class has taught me how happy education makes me. I love the challenge my class presents to me. It gives me hope for the future with my classmates. I have learned so much about the policies that has affected my own education and been given the resources to discuss these policies. I am so excited to be a teacher when I grow up, this class has offered me an unique view on the basic policies of our generation. This environment I have with my teacher and classmates provides me with a safe place to learn all of the nitty gritty secrets of our education system but with the support I need.

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One Response to What my Education class taught me…

  1. Casper Rhay says:

    Glad you’re finding a more nuanced view of things, and that the difficult issues haven’t turned you away from the field. Keep it up!


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