A Tribute to My Class

This semester, I was amazed and inspired by the many posts you have read here. I wanted to do something to pull together the work that the students in The Politics of Reading created and transform it into something different. This is how I decided to create a found poem.

I pulled a variety of lines from a number of posts and today am proud to share with you the poem that was formed from their words. I couldn’t get the format the way that I wanted to, but I think that’s ok. The content is the most important part. Please enjoy:

On the first day of this course I was met with the seemingly simple question:

“Where and how did you learn to read?”

Truth be told, I really don’t remember learning to read.

I was forced to read books I simply could not relate to.

Everyday, I think about the education I received…

inequitable schooling,

inherent biases in testing,

and institutional neglect


We’ve been ranked according to percentiles

The school can be shut down


It was a terrifying experience


I’m mad. I need to go sit down and calm my body.


I hated reading when I was a kid


Why was that so?


When you dig deeper –

I did learn to read


Sitting in the living room around the age of five

I remember the exact moment my reading interest sparked


My mom and I would read a book a day

each child learns to read differently

standardization is impossible


Yes, there are inequalities within the public schooling system in the United States

Throwing money at something doesn’t always change it

But is there even a right way?

students must have access to effective and engaging teachers

when it comes to policy making and implementation, we are forgetting them


in a perfect world

students can be empowered


I am afraid (and ashamed) to say I have taken my ability to read and write for granted for far too long


I hope that by acknowledging our gratitude for our own education we can become even more inspired to make the necesary changes


Which is how I ended up here, writing this post


About Leigh Hall

I practice Ashtanga yoga live from my house in Wyoming! I love to cook and am always trying something new in the kicthen.
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