Junior Year…

This is was a big year for me and as you read this I am officially DONE with class! I can’t believe this year flew by like it did. Not only have I survived a tough year of class but the realization that I am going to be a senior has been the hardest part of this week. I cherish my time here at UNC, and it can be defined in so many ways: happy, growth, diversity, and change.

Anytime I talk to my friends, the thought of senior year coming and breaking our routine makes me so sad. I know it will come and I will be ready for it but this institution has taught be a lot of myself and those around me. Yesterday was ‘Tie a Turban’ day in the pit, more than 300 students went to get a turban and show support for the community. It was crazy to see the response the club received but it also amazed me that this students on this cmapus are so open to learnign about different religions and cultures. This clear willingness to help and assist other is the core of the ‘Carolina Way.’ I know that some people believe the Carolina Way to be a sham, but I argue take a look at those seniors graduating this semester. Those are the students who have truly affected UNC whether it is from Carolina Fever or your TA in biology 101. By looking at the alumni Carolina has, I started to think of my own experience at UNC and what that meant for me.

Classes are the most frustrating yet rewarding thing on this campus. My classes have ranged from Literature of Shakespeare to ethics of stand-up comedy.While classes here intellectually challenging this year takes the cake. My education classes really stuck out to me. It is a class full of passionate people who are going to make a difference in this world. Plus as a wannabe teacher, they help me think about ho I want my own classroom to be when I grow up.

I never want to be a senior and I know that is not a possibility. Though it makes me so happy to see the number of tours on campus. The thought of someone else about to start their 4 year journey at UNC makes me so jealous. This university has drastically changed me and the way I learn. I have had amazing professors here who have taught me with so much kindness and passion that it inspires me. UNC changed me in such good ways.

So this is it for me and this blog. Looking back on my first post, which was a rant about grades in NC, I realize how much I have grown in my relationship with education this year. While I still have problem with grades, I realized it is not about the grading scale. It is about the lack of communication in education. Our teacher for this class, Leigh Hall, is a perfect example of this. She created a classroom environment which is all about a give and take of what we, the students, want to focus on and what she wanted to teach. Thank you Leigh and to you readers!

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