What will I be doing after this semester?

This semester has been filled with many ups and downs for me.  I have loves some courses, and others…not so much.  I think that The Politics of Reading has been one of the better experiences I have had here at UNC.  I have wanted to be a teacher since I was very little, yet even at twenty years old, I still did not know all that much about education policy.  I’ve learned more about standardized testing (I didn’t know you could opt-out!), how different school compare to one another, and how I can make a difference.

This “how I can make a difference” part is important to me.  Now that I have learned more about education policy through this course, I have made the decision to continue to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in schools around the United States and why.  It’s important to be aware of what’s going on not only for my general knowledge, but also so I am educated when I speak out about issues regarding children, schools, reading, and policy.

I transferred to UNC in the fall of 2014, and this has been my second semester here.  I have loved it.  I have just been accepted into the Child Development and Family Studies program and I’m ecstatic! If I had not gotten in, I honestly have no idea what I would’ve done.  While I have been in preschool classrooms in the past (taking the position of an interim lead teacher in one), I think it’s important to consider what I will gain from the CDFS program here at UNC.

In the CDFS program, I will gain skills and hands-on experience that I’ve had in the past.  I always like to think that I’m a step ahead because of my experience prior to coming to UNC, but that’s not really fair to say.  I am twenty years old.  I am young. I am a student. I have a lot to learn.

I hope to continue learning more about how children develop, learn, and grow in my time here at UNC.  The Politics of Reading has been somewhat of an introductory course for me in regards to different teaching styles, different types of schools, and where I could possibly end up in the future.

I definitely want to work with younger children (five and younger) rather than older children.  I have always connected with younger children, and after working on a project for this course about Pre-K, I am finding that I would really like to try and work as a lead teacher in a Pre-K classroom for a while, at least to try it out.  My other thoughts are possibly to direct or create my own childcare center.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get my B.A. through the CDFS program and then a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy, speech, or exceptional education.

All I know at this point is that my experiences thus far at Carolina and Alamance CC have solidified my interest in being a teacher, and I hope to continue to learn more about all things education for years to come.


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