Farewell For Now

Why I want to learn about policy

School is about education, and education is about learning.  Or at least that’s my understanding of it.

Education is this balancing act where we all think we know what is best, right?

If every child learns a different way, how can any singular system work?

But I like to have hope

That I will have the knowledge to do what is best once I am finally able to help make the decisions.

The difference between my educational experience compared to those of lower socioeconomic status, as well as those with a higher SES, varies quite a bit.

If what teachers are teaching is actually helping the students gain knowledge, the system works.


If the system was perfect, students would be able to learn and cultivate knowledge and ideas in a low pressure environment.

Not all testing is a bad thing. Right?

If we standardize it, the kids have an even playing field

HOW we test is the problem.

detrimental to the kids

The reading curriculum in general is very lacking in topics

There is still a lot of bias that comes from textbooks and the curriculum in general

The educational bias that comes out of privatized textbooks is startling in and of itself

It doesn’t necessarily create a whole, inclusive picture

I had so much faith in what I was learning for so long

It becomes difficult for any one person, with their own, separate experiences, to ever be objective

Room for improvement

I don’t think that classrooms need to go under extreme change

Our students must learn what problems our society still faces

Complications and problems would continue to arise

After all, it’s their lives we are affecting.


*I got all of these quotes from my blog posts over the semester

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