Acknowledge my privilege

Long-established perceptions

Good intentions


Necessary to thrive in today’s world

If I am being honest…

No hope in the school

Inequitable schooling

Inherent biases in testing

Institutional neglect



On students

Situations today

Poverty stricken


Poor choices

Lack of motivation

How did you cope with it?

Not doing as well as I was

…Acknowledge my privilege

I should add a little disclaimer…

Relatively new concept for me

How do we balance?


Average translates to mediocre

Perpetuate the increase in standards

Inherent desire to out perform

We have no answers of our own

It’s not your business

Struck me unexpectedly

Treated equally?

This is a far-fetched notion

These stains will likely never wash away

Acknowledge my privilege

I used multiple fragments from the entire Politics of Reading blog feed, and made sure that there was some element of cohesiveness. Although I’m far from poetically gifted, I really enjoyed the opportunity to frame my thoughts through the words of others.

Happy blogging everyone!

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