Just Me

High stakes

Every student wants to do well.


a great ideal to strive for.

YOU can take a test.

For me,

way too many questions and not enough answers.

Scenario 1:

I become extremely anxious.

Curiosity – with a hint of apprehensiveness.

Scenario 2:

Immense anxiety and unneeded levels of stress.


Maybe it’s just me.

Its not.

Its not a measure of ability,

but a measure of money.

Many externalities complicate, but

Who will perform better?

She does better

You don’t get in.

It has made me confused,

a little mad.

This year has been an annoying year.

We don’t live in a fair system


Maybe it’s just me.


closing times

fair and just education

how the politics of reading has affected me

the time of dreaded finals and exams is upon us

Thank a teacher

Standardized tests and Fear of Learning

Common Core Critique

Beyond Scared Straight…of testing

“Where Do We Go From Here?” A Last Gasp of Idea Vomiting

The Importance of Educating Women

“Where Do We Go From Here?” A Last Gasp of Idea Vomiting

Twitter activity (#edpolicy)

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