Little Men.

Have you ever read the book Little Women? Yes? Did you know that there is a sequel – Little Men

Well ever since I was a little girl I identified whole heartedly with Joe March. She’s independent, rambunctious, talks a lot, and is unabashedly blunt.

joe march

This is me.

She is an amazing women who ends up running her own school for lost and forgotten boys and ever since I was 10 I have wanted to do the same. I want to live in a huge ranch with lots of room for boys (and girls) to run, fly kites, and just be kids as well as learning. I want to provide a space where children can learn to be good people as well as good students. Knowledge does not just come from textbooks and I want to give children the opportunity to learn through action as well as learning through a textbook. Knowledge of the outdoors, problem solving skills, and hands on education can greatly impact a student just as much, or even more, than information from a textbook.

I believe that a fundamental part to this type of education is knowing the policies that are already in place that might hinder starting a school such as this one.

I truly believe that learning is a process and this class has been an integral part in understanding the reasoning behind policies related to schools. We have been able to look at the laws and regulations relating to both schooling and reading. I think one of the important and interesting lessons I have learned is about the policies related to No Child Left Behind and how these regulations can hinder the learning abilities of students, especially students of low socioeconomic statuses. These children need the money that is available through the Title 1 initiative, but a lot of them do not receive those resources because that money is tied up in the high-stakes testing as a result of NCLB. This is just enlarging the gap between students of different economic backgrounds, even though it is supposed to bring them closer together.

Overall, this class has just given me more of a reason to continue to pursue a life in the education field. I absolutely believe that education is fundamental to the success of a person and that just classroom education is not enough. I want to provide students with other opportunities related to not only classroom learning, but on-the-job training, sports activities, art, and practical lessons that they can use for later on in life. This class has helped me navigate the complicated world that is education policy and given me more of an understanding of why specific regulations were made and their impact on students today.

I have absolutely loved this class, the format, and the way we were able to discuss issues and topics that we were interested in. This has given all of us a forum to talk about education in a way that is informative, but also interesting. I have loved being able to invest my time and energy into a topic close to my heart and learned a few ways in which I can navigate policy and teach my boys later on in the future.




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