Where Do We Go From Here?

Huge amounts of teachers and parents have cried out against its deficiencies

Therein lies the problem that we have today in the education of reading

You would think that so-called experts in this field would know what is best.

There must be a voice for those involved in the education process.

Reform can only come about by cooperating and working with teachers

What’s gonna happen when those old, supposedly better teachers retire? Who’s going to take their place?

How can we fairly distribute funding to schools without unfair allocation policies?

Testing obviously doesn’t work, so what will?

Where do we go from here?

we have way too many questions and not enough answers

Educators in the policy blogs…

do nothing but complain

There doesn’t seem to be a fair way to implement it

Too often we condemn policies in place, yet we have no answers of our own.

Funny how things do that, isn’t it?

It is here where the problem lies…

Either way, someone will be unfairly treated in some way

It seems like a lose-lose situation.

Where do we go from here?

When I attended elementary and middle school,

We hated school for its rigidity and its droll schedules

don’t we say the same thing about our 9-5 jobs?

one of the purposes of education is to prepare our kids for the workforce.

Stupid, but then again, so were we when we were middle schoolers.

stupid middle schoolers

different types of students

sick and tired

            tell me that the way this is working sucks.

they are not being challenged as much as they should be.

Trying and failing is a key part of learning, especially when learning to read.

Isn’t that one of the reasons why we go to school in the first place?

All administrators would have to do is

teach children…to enjoy challenging themselves to read.

It’s all about how you teach the material.

Where do we go from here?

undoubtedly under pressure

these issues can’t be fixed overnight

schools tailored their curricula

also give parents choice

increase literacy among children

a responsibility of the teachers, not in the hands of policy makers

That’s the world we ought to be living in

Where do we go from here?


This poem was created using posts from the two blogs “The Politics of Reading” and “Education Week”

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